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How would you like to train from  top Professionals in America

right here in Orange County!  Amazingly talented and rewarded  team of professionals


Cha-cha, salsa, argentine tango, waltz, foxtrot, swing and more

Professional rounds, team matches, competitions, social dance parties and group classes

Wedding Dance

Make this a day to remember, our Wedding specialists will create rutine that will meet your needs. We offer private room for Wedding Dance lessons so you can keep your privacy

Private Lessons

Private lessons available with multiple instructors.  Prices vary by instructor.


Teachers - $13/hour

VIP Teachers - Montly (unlimited)- $1000

(must agree to stay on that plan for 6 months)

Practice Per Person/Couple- $15/day

Practice membership  $100/month


Floor Fees

Group Classes $15 per class

Group classes are a wonderful way to come socialize with other students and enjoy learning together!

Check out our schedule for Group Classes and come visit us!